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10+ Unexpected Tasks a Personal Assistant Can Manage

Many people have their definition of a "personal assistant" and it's the stereotypical person that is sent running after coffee for the boss, or the one who is sent to print papers, write up meeting agendas, or make phone calls on the company or individual professional's behalf. However, a personal assistant can actually do a whole variety of things and they don't all have to be related to business dealings.

Whether you are looking for someone to help cook dinner for your family on busy nights, run errands, or arrange for a concierge service, you can count on the professionals at Beck & Call of Charleston to be there at a snap of the fingers. Moreover, you can expect them to "go the extra mile" to ensure that whatever you need to have done is done on time and properly.

What Exactly Will Beck & Call of Charleston Personal Assistants Help Me With?

A personal assistant from the Beck & Call of Charleston is pretty much your ultimate personal assistant. They will be happy to assist you with whatever you may need.

You may be wondering: Does that literally, really mean ANYTHING I need?

Yes, pretty much, it does. If we can find a way to pull it off, we are happy to do it for our clients!

We like to think we have done some pretty crazy stuff for clients in the past and we were able to pull it off. Some of the craziest things our a la carte menu of tasks has to offer includes some of the things we have done in the past, such as the following:

  • Delivering Fresca, Vodka, & Milk in a Cooler

  • Arranging For A Darth Vader Male Stripper (Yes this was a very interesting assignment for sure)

  • Changed 60 Light Bulbs in One Client's Home

  • Sold a BMW (it did actually sell, too!)

  • Unpack & Arrange New Homes

  • Rent a Phantom Rolls Royce

These are just some of the more unique assignments we have been given, however, we are able to pull these assignments off, no problem! We can accomplish similar assignments for you.

What Are More Common Tasks That Beck & Call of Charleston Assist People With:


Well, we're not sure that any day in the personal assistant world is considered "normal" per se, but those things we have listed are some of the rarer requests we have gotten from clients. However, on a typical day, our tasks are just as varied as the needs of our clients.

Most of our work falls into assisting people with everyday life tasks, such as:

  • Watching People's Houses While They're on Vacation - Includes Pet Care, Watering Plants, and Tending Lawns

  • Ordering & Arranging Delivery of Requested Items (i.e. flowers, cookies, gift baskets, etc. - we order & deliver just about anything)

  • Planning & Arranging Special Events (i.e. dinner reservations, part venue reservations, hotel stays, car rentals, flights, concierge services, etc. - if you need it to have a good night, we can arrange it)

  • Coming to People's Homes to Wait for Deliveries (i.e. furniture, electronics, etc. - expensive items that someone must be there to receive)

Essentially, here at Beck & Call of Charleston, we are here to make life easier! These are just some of the services that we are proud to offer to make yours as easy as possible, especially when you are at your busiest!

What Else Do We Think We Could do to Help Our Clients?

The sky is the limit when it comes to options of things we can do to help our clients. We have done an awful lot of different things in the past, but there are always new things that we also get to try. Ideas we are totally open to trying? Check some of these out:

  • Hiring People to Chaperone a Class Field Trip For Homeschooled Students

  • Sending People to Dress Up For a Child's Birthday Party

  • Prepare Meals in Clients' Homes For Their Families to Enjoy

  • Help Decorating Clients' Homes for the Holidays

  • Pick Up & Wrap Presents (for any occasion)

  • Clean Your Home Before an Important Event

These are just a few additional ways we think we could help our clients out! If you can dream of it, we intend to find a way to make it happen for our clients!


The point is, whatever you thought a "personal assistant" was, we are out to redefine that. We're here to prove that personal assistants are not only used at work but can be used in your personal life as well. Here at Beck & Call of Charleston, we are here to do the "grunt work" to let busy professionals get busy enjoying the rest of their lives!

Life is too precious to waste, so what are you waiting for?

Give us a call and let us handle all of the mundane tasks that life has to offer and get out there! Enjoy time with your family or kick back and relax, because you deserve it!

For more information on how we can help you get more out of your daily life and your valuable time, please feel free to contact us.

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