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Santa is Not the Only One with Elves

Help is Around the Corner


Do you ever wish you had elves helping you the way they do for Santa? Well, if you live in the Charleston area, Beck and Call is at your service! The holiday season increases the stress and time crunch of a regularly hectic lifestyle. Do you have family coming into town, gifts to buy and wrap, or decorations to put out? The holiday to-do list goes on and on, but that doesn't mean the normal tasks you need to get done through the day just disappear. The personal assistant team at Beck and Call rid you of your holiday stress, so you can get back to enjoying the holidays.

Endless List

Home Décor- Beck and Call will get your home décor put together, holiday lights put out, and the eight-foot inflatables set in the front yard for all your neighbors to see. The professional service team at Beck and Call will fulfill the time-consuming tasks that you just don't have enough time to complete.

Gifts- Beck and Call will wrap your gifts while you get a few extra hours of sleep. Although, if you haven't found the time to purchase your gifts yet, make a list and let Beck and Call check one more thing off your calendar. The opportunities are endless when you have a personal assistant on your side.

Family- Rather than running around at work calling your family to pick up a relative from the airport, simply call your personal assistant and rest easy knowing you can count on Beck and Call.

Hours of ease- Beck and Call is your full-service personal assistant team that can make your life easier, one hour at a time. If you want to sleep in on Saturday, get work done before your holiday vacation, or enjoy a relaxing evening without worrying about the holiday madness, Beck and Call is the answer.

Get the Elf You Can Trust

Beck and Call is a five-star personal service team that can make your life easier with a simple phone call. The dream of stealing one of Santa's elves is finally a reality with the knowledgeable, professional, meticulous, and confidential services that Beck and Call have to offer. If you are tired of running around without a second to spare, call Beck and Call today!

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