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3 Tips to Reduce Your Holiday Season Stress

Though holidays are packed with love, family, and fun, they can also bring with them stress on how to get everything done. From shopping to cooking, inviting to decorating, one's to-do list will likely keep lengthening as the holidays get closer, causing stress and tension. But by implementing a few simple strategies, you can keep the stress at bay.


Stress Stoppers

Plan ahead

While this may seem obvious, it often goes overlooked until it's too late. Take the time in late October/early November to think about what you want to do for the holidays and make lists to begin the process. Will you be traveling? Hosting a party? Who's on your gift list? Starting to think about all the details with plenty of time ahead of you will start the wheels moving, allowing you ample time to plan, not to mention starting preparations before most other people can offer more options!

Do breathing exercises

Sometimes, taking a moment to breathe deeply is all you really need. There is a strong chance that at some point during the holiday season you will feel stress or anxiety, so why not be prepared with techniques you can use anywhere, anytime to help reduce it? Take a moment to learn to breathe. While there are many methods, one that is easy and helpful is to take a deep breath in through the nose, then hold it for five seconds before breathing out through the mouth. And repeat as needed. Certain yoga stretches and poses can also be helpful, such as sitting cross-legged with your eyes closed for a brief meditation. Once you implement these, you may be very surprised at how truly helpful these natural techniques can be.

Enlist help

From family members to hired hands, delegating is key to reducing one's stress. Keeping in mind that no one can do it all alone, think about what you can enlist others to do to help with the holiday season. Perhaps gather your children to clean out the garage so you can host a party there, or hire a company like Beck and Call of Charleston to assist and aid in helping make your life easier. Whatever it is, remember not to carry all the weight on your own shoulders.

Here's to a happy and stress-free holiday season!

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