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Help with Managing a Full Calendar

Help With Managing a Full Calendar of Events

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It's the perfect storm of life's stages. Your career is booming making you busier than ever. Your child has so many school activities that you promised you would make it to. Not to mention, a big milestone birthday is coming up for your spouse and you always wanted to celebrate it with them and all of your friends. Is it even possible to get it all done so you can enjoy it? Of course it is, but you don't need to try to do it all alone. A personal assistant can help you through these busy periods.

Tackle Your Event Planning

Beck and Call Personal Assistant

There are various ways that a personal assistant can aid you in planning a personal event, large or small. Some of the duties they could take off your hands include reserving a location, purchasing decorations, purchasing and mailing invitations, and booking the entertainment or a DJ. Let's not forget how essential a personal assistant could be on the day of the event assisting with setup or guaranteeing that everything arrives as it should either by picking it up for your or verifying its arrival at the location.

Be Ready When Your Attendance Is Requested

School activities, baby showers, weddings, and everything in between all require some preparation. When you want to attend these important dates but don't have time for the homework to get you there, a personal assistant can help you out. Purchasing and wrapping gifts, making hotel reservations, and programming the directions into your GPS can be invaluable when you are headed to a family affair. Shopping for the necessary costumes or snacks and buying the tickets to children's school functions ahead of time guarantee your child and you will be prepared for those special moments.

Reserve the Enjoyable Tasks for Yourself, Assign the Dull and the Boring

Beck and Call Event Services

When you love dress shopping and you're an expert at picking out the perfect gift, the last thing you want to do is hand the fun stuff over to someone else. Personal assistants can handle your daily routines to allow you more time for the things you take joy in. Handling phone calls while you're busy, drafting response emails, filing, setting up appointments, and even completing household duties can free you up some personal time to prepare for special occasions.

A personal assistant can be just the ticket to making it through your full calendar of events. To see how we can help you get through a busy week, month, or even year, give us a call at (843) 324-4558.

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