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More Than a Dog Walker: 3 Ways Pets Benefit from Personal Assistants


Many dog owners take advantage of dog walking services, to keep their pets healthy, happy and mentally balanced with more walks than owners are personally able to provide. But there's more to owning a dog than just walks, and that's where a more all-encompassing personal assistant service can help.

Here are 3 ways pets can benefit from personal assistants:

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  • Veterinarian appointments often take place during the day. This isn't the most convenient time for most people. Instead of competing for competitive weekend slots, make sure your dog gets timely care by having a personal assistant handle the entirety of the task for you!

  • Pet food delivery is helpful for owners who have their dogs on special diets, saving the trip to a pet store outside of their normal shopping. With the rising popularity of highly perishable raw food diets for dogs, having an allotment of food delivered at regular intervals is a huge time saver and makes it easier to pick the exact best diet for your dog's breed and health requirements.

  • Pet sitting takes a huge weight off the responsibility of owning a dog. Kenneling is quite often stressful for pets, who return from their time away from home frazzled and stressed. Having a personal assistant available to check in on your dog as frequently as you need them to keeps your furry friend in a low-stress, familiar environment while you're away.

Owning a dog is a wonderful, rewarding experience. But sometimes the constraints of one's job or physical health interfere with their ability to provide the best for their dog every single day. Employing the services of a personal assistant minimizes any pangs of guilt you might feel for not providing the absolute best for your pet.

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