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Why You Should Delegate Weekly Errands at Home

Beck and Call Busy Professional

You're a superhero: you're running your own business, your own family, your own trail-blazing career. You've accomplished it all, but you're still scrambling to make time to head to the grocery store. There's an odd smell coming from the kitchen. Your mind is running five times faster than what your body is capable of.

It's time to delegate.

You do it at work everyday. It's what makes you the superstar manager you are now. Why not bring the concept home?

You aren't lazy. You're just human. And that's okay in our book. Here are three reasons why you need to delegate tasks at home.

1. Everyone needs a little help. Just like The Beatles tell us, we get by with a little help from our friends. Let us be your friend. Sure, you could do it all yourself. But there comes a time when you have to admit that you're spread too thin, that the little things like chores and errands have since piled up. Save yourself the stress and get back to sanity by delegating all those menial tasks that don't necessarily need your direct attention.

2. The less you have on your plate, the more efficient you are. Studies have shown that our brains need downtime. Our minds need a break from our thoughts. And when you have so many concerning unimportant things like the trash being taken out, the groceries that need to be bought, or the dry cleaning that needs to be picked up, your mind doesn't have room for the bigger, more important things.

By delegating the small errands, you'll have more space in your head for those tasks like problems you need to solve at work or how to help your child struggling in school.

3. Delegating leaves you time to spend on what you truly value. Imagine not having to go to the grocery store and putting the food away every week. Imagine not having to stop at the dry cleaners with a screaming, hungry toddler in the backseat. Imagine having it all done by the time you get home. When you delegate your weekly errands, time is simply given back to you. And you can spend that time on whatever you please: more, less stressed time with family or friends, starting up a new hobby you've always wanted to try, or a much-needed date night.

Whatever it is you decide to spend your time on instead of running around trying to keep the bits of your life together, it is time where you get to decide. It's time that you get to savor. Contact us and experience the freedom and sweetness of a life well-delegated.

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