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We are committed to providing the most comfortable experience that touches all the senses for clients staying at our housing properties. 

We will provide fast, efficient and excellent maintenance services while working at the homes of our property owners. 

We are at your Beck and Call.

While of course we arrange for the usual: show tickets, dinner reservations, limo service, golf, etc., we can also handle the unusual and out of the ordinary. Here's an idea of how we've helped our clients and how we can also be...

... Your Personal Professionals

  • House and Pet sitting - Plants, garden and lawn too!

  • Arrange music lessons of any kind

  • Arrange housing and entertainment for Federal employees

  • Arrange an out-of-town burial

  • Wait in line overnight for client for new home release

  • Deliver Fresca, Vodka & Milk in a cooler.

  • Arrange for a Darth Vader male stripper

  • Locate & hire a $3,000 per day personal stylist from NY, arrange travel to Las Vegas

  • Purchase & deliver a $3,500 Louis Vuitton case.

  • Locate & purchase rare box of cigars & humidor & have waiting in suite

  • Interview & hire landscaper, cleaning service, pool service

  • Change 60 light bulbs in client's home

  • Arrange for cat to be picked up & taken for grooming

  • Locate special cover for Ring of Fire

  • Shop, deliver & put away groceries & wine for visiting group of girls

  • Purchase bikes for vacationing group

  • Buy special low-calorie cat food for overweight cat & deliver

  • Arrange horse drawn carriage for country club wedding

  • Sell BMW 

  • Put together cappuccino machine

  • VIP Host for company outing

  • Have 80 roses delivered 

  • Fed Ex coat left behind

  • Purchase clothing & deliver to hotel

  • Wait for furniture delivery – take photos to send client

  • Rent Phantom Rolls Royce

  • Pick up package at Fed Ex & deliver for an important presentation

  • Purchase most expensive bottle of wine available & deliver to hotel

  • Purchase commemorative Bud Light bottles of beer, empty & mail bottles back East

  • Book hotel room

  • Arrange for pet sitter for overnight pet sitting

  • Shop for & purchase gun safe & have delivered to home

  • Pay traffic ticket at court

  • Register car at DMV

  • Shop for & deliver Cristal & caviar basket

  • Plan anniversary outing

  • Unpack & organize new house

  • Sell exercise equipment

  • Get THE BEST seats available to event

  • Pick up car at airport & take to clients home

  • Change locks on home

  • Arrange for alarm installation

  • Purchase cell phones for international group, program phone numbers & meet at airport upon arrival

  • Arrange for hair stylists to cut group of 4 guys hair in hotel suite

  • Arrange arrival cocktail party for group from Australia

  • Pick-up, sort, open, forward mail

  • Order 4 dozen gourmet cookies, box & deliver

  • Locate car service 

  • Oversee home remodel

  • Arrange for large corporate dinner & transportation

  • Locate venue for Thanksgiving dinner for large party

  • Arrange for VIP evening at nightclub

  • Locate the "perfect" house to rent

  • Sell items on Ebay

  • Order gift basket

  • Order flowers

  • Arrange helicopter tour, shows, dinners, nightclub reservations for large group from NY

  • Record program & deliver video tape to residence

  • Decorate hotel room for Valentine's Day

  • Source, purchase, wrap & deliver engraved boxes filled with cigars for corporate client

  • Purchase specialty shirts & ship to New York

  • Coordinate a family reunion for 60

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