When it comes to the art of Work-Life Balance, Beck and Call of Charleston is the master. Our name says it all. We are here 24/7 quietly, efficiently and dependably helping you to achieve balance, continuity and ultimately enjoyment.

We understand the needs of professionals who have elevated their lifestyle and the importance of single-source support to maintain consistency and confidentiality. We take dozens of tasks off your plate so you can concentrate on what you want to do. And when life brings the unexpected, we're here for you too keep all Work-Life systems running smoothly.

As the parents of six children (including one with special needs) we recognized the need for help in our day-to-day lives. The time we spend with our family is a big part of who we are. With children as far away as Seattle and Upstate New York creating time do spend with them is extremely important. We started Beck and Call of Charleston in 2017 to help busy professionals and families manage everyday tasks such as grocery shopping and general errands. We believe given the time, you would do the things you love. We're here to give you that time. You've earned your lifestyle, now let us manage the mundane tasks that take up your valuable time!

The Guy Stuff

Thomas is an ex-navy sailor with Top Secret Security clearance. He loves fishing and being a local tourist in Charleston. He's from Richmond Virginia and met and married Stella in 2014. Thomas manages small hauls, property maintenance issues, pet  appointments and general errands.

Girl Friday

Mary is a high school senior at Wando and is planning on continuing her studies in medicine. She works at Target in addition to being one of our "Becky's". She enjoys art, music and having fun with her friends. Mary manages babysitting, grocery shopping, house and pet sitting as well as general errands.

Office Manager

With a background in medical and care Shawn manages the Beck and Call of Charleston office.

 "Family is a huge part of our lives." We truly understand what it means to have time to ourselves to do the things we love.

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