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Whether it’s for business or pleasure, Beck and Call of Charleston offers our clients a number of VIP service choices to cater to your preferred level of assistance. We offer dedicated hours to your employees each month so they can plan errands which would normally take them away from the office.


Beck and Call of Charleston is here to provide all of our clients an unsurpassed range of relocation management solutions. This specific service is designed to enhance their life, so they can manage their time and resources effectively.


Beck and Call of Charleston can customize services to meet your employee's specific needs. Delivering groceries, vehicle maintenance, waiting in line, whatever they need we're here to help. We're flexible, proficient and confident your employees will enjoy the extra time we give back by taking care of everyday tasks.


Your Personal Professionals

Beck and Call of Charleston understands the importance of cost vs. production. We can provide exceptional office services so you can manage the day-to-day operations of your business. Calendar Management, Schedules, Meeting Management, Filing, Personal Assistant.

Personal Business Assistant
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